Thursday, June 24, 2010

The To Do List

Do we really need to have things all planned out?

Sometimes in life, I find myself at a crossroads - with so many different options, so many different directions, so many possibilities, that I become overwhelmed.

It's drummed into a lot of us from a young age whether by parents, family, friends or teachers (or a combination), that we finish school, go to University, then get a good job, get married, have kids etc, etc.

But what if it's not that simple?
So many opportunities are presented to us these days that it doesn't seem to be as easy as checking tasks off your life's 'To Do List'.
We have so many things we can pursue in our lives these days provided we have the will power, enthusiasm and attitude to succeed.
We can write a book and get it published, we can start our own business, we can travel, change careers, Volunteer in a third world country, and direct our own film all in the space of a couple of years, let alone an entire lifetime.

With the age of retirement increasing, and the opportunity to change careers as many times as take our fancy, not to mention the fact that 60 is the new 50 and 50 is the new 40, we've added ten years to the time we have to accomplish things.
In adding these ten years, our list of things we'd like to accomplish is growing, constantly adding goals that are out of the ordinary.

I have a friend who's desperate to learn to fly a plane for no other reason than the fact that it's something she's interested in. This deviation from 'the plan' has her grandmother questioning her sanity, and whenever I'm over there she's always asking my friend how she thinks learning to fly a plane will help her find a husband or raise a child.
My friend is yet to tell her poor grandmother that she doesn't want children.

I love the fact that we're suddenly so free to pursue any lifestyle we want. We can change our lives at the drop of a hat. Go and live in New York City, write a bestseller, create a clothing label and hold fashion shows, open our own business and claw our way to the top of a shoe company, all because it's what we want, rather than what society expects of us.

We should embrace and chase these goals with our whole heart and soul, because if we were this age thirty years ago, we'd be frowned upon. For me, I can't help but be happy that my little Life To Do List includes publishing a book or two and living in New York City! :)


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