Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Three Times A Lady

On weekends, I work in a nightclub serving drinks at the bar. It's a great job, and I absolutely love it - I work with amazing people, get to laugh and joke around all night, and I have an awesome manager.
One thing that I've started noticing in the nightclub I work at, and indeed, at many clubs and pubs across the state, is that the fighting and arrests have increased - NSW state police statistics show that they've nearly doubled in the past couple of years.

It wouldn't shock me that much, to be honest - guys have a tendency of getting over protective of their ladies when intoxicated, particularly around other intoxicated guys, not to mention the fact that they can be totally territorial.
Then I noticed an interesting little fact - the escalating violence statistics point the finger straight at the girls as being the ones who start fights...with each other.

And indeed, it is something I've begun to notice at the club I work at. Every Saturday night the girls get glammed (or trashed) up, hit the club with their friends or their boyfriends, and end up in a hair-pulling punch up that generally ends a lot worse than the guy fights.

So where's all this female generated violence coming from?
In an age where women have more power than ever (they're becoming the more powerful sex for that matter), and more independence and freedom to be whoever they want to be, are they beginning to think they're invincible.
Some girls are taking the independent 'screw you' attitude a little too far, and are beginning to take it out on each other in aggressive ways rather than focusing their energies and confidence in their career or studies.

Where do we draw the line between fiery, independent women and violent, hair-pulling bitches?

I have to admit, that while I love where feminism is taking women these days - empowering careers, financial, romantic and sexual independence and political power - I do think that women shouldn't forget the fundamental social rules for being in public.
Remember what you were taught as a child, girls - we don't steal, we don't pull other people's hair, we don't spit and we don't cuss like a sewer explosion - not because we want to impress guys, but because we have more self respect than that, right?

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