Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Open Season On Sex

I went back to High School today.

Not to learn - I was there to pick up an academic reference for my portfolio. Not the point.
I happened to be there during Lunchtime, and while I walked from my car across the field to the office, I saw a group of little girls sitting around in a circle in their little school dresses, hair done up in a 'pony-with-a-bow' in school colours that could only indicate they were in the seventh grade, at best the eighth. I walked straight past the group and overheard the following conversation:

Girl 1: "The guy I'm sleeping with now is [I]nothing[/I] like my first. He's way more experienced."
Girl 2: "Is this that guy you left Keisha's party with last week?"
Girl 1: "Yeah - he's way older but he knows what he's doing down there."

I didn't stick around long enough to hear the rest of the conversation - quite frankly I'd heard enough to make me want to run from the school campus screaming.
There's a group on Facebook that my friend joined last month called 'When I was your age I was losing my tooth, not my virginity', and while I'm not a Facebook-group-joiner, I felt the creator had a jolly good point.

I'm definitely no prude when it comes to sex, but I have to admit that the idea of these little thirteen year old girls not only losing their virginity, but 'sleeping around' made me feel ill. I have to wonder where it's all coming from.
Are our attitudes toward sex now so blaze that youngsters are taking it as a cue to start having sex at a younger age?

It gets me looking toward shows such as Gossip Girl and Sex and the City - I adore these shows, but then again, I'm in my 20's and not still just starting High School and waiting for normal body parts to arrive. It freaks me out that a thirteen year old kid with a flat chest and a chemistry assignment due on monday is talking about their sex life like Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha talk over brunch.

Actually, it reminds me of that Kat Dennings episode where she played teenage fame whore Jenny Briar who hired Samantha to do the PR on her party. Teenage girls are literally turning into thirty-something wannabes, and not just because of the 'glamourous' life it presents to a high school teen either. They're learning sex moves from the Karma Sutra, and reading Cosmopolitan's latest story on 'How to Help Him Find Your G-Spot' and 'Ten Ways to Make Him Come'.

When does it stop being educational and start being a loss of innocence?

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