Monday, June 21, 2010

Generation Technology

I lost my phone yesterday.

The six hours that followed before I found it wedged down the side of my passenger car seat were the longest and most anxiety-filled of my life.

There's been so many blogs, so many articles, so many television episodes and news headlines devoted to the damages of technology, the future of the tech-generation, and how new technology is ruining our social lives.
Will the speculating, debating and panic for lost childhood ever give way to excitement and intrigue about the future of the world and the advances this technology can provide?

I could go on and on about how technology advances medical miracles such as the new cervical cancer injections, but I'm almost positive that no one doubts that technology is good for that side of things, and I'm hopeful that none of the readers are dumb enough to be anti-medical advancement.
No, I'm proposing getting excited about the future for us, plain and simple. It's selfish, but it's a topic that's been less explored than the medical and health advancement benefits of new technology.
Rupert Murdoch spoke in a series of lectures on the ABC called the Boyer Lectures in 2008, where he publicly announced that newspapers were dying. He also said that he was excited about the future of journalism because of all the untapped potential of publishing online.

Reading his lectures really inspired me to be excited about the future of technology, and where it will take us. The challenge presented to journalists, hell, everyone, to adapt to this new technology and really own it is exciting.
Murdoch suggests that instead of worrying that we'll be out of a job, we should be chanelling our energy into learning to embrace the new wave of advancement and use it to our advantage whether that's climbing our chosen career ladder or doing the housework, we need to be aware of new technology and force ourselve to become acquainted with it, because we'll get left behind by upcoming generations who will master this technology, and where will that leave us?

So the next time a debate comes up about the nasties of tech-advancement, take some time out to think about whether it's ALL bad, or if there might just be some positives in there as well, because it might just save your job (or life!)


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