Thursday, July 15, 2010

Real vs Fake: The Classic Pro/Con

There has been much historic debate over whether or not women who can't or wont buy real designer wear should be purchasing fake labels instead.

Of course when considering whether to go real or fake, both options will have the relative pros and cons.

However this doesn't always equivalate to the 'right thing' despite being stacked with pros.

In fact, aside from sometimes not quite fooling the fashion world, the designer knockoffs have only one con to their name (as opposed to the several stand out cons of forking out for designer), but it's a doozy, particularly for avid lovers of the fashion industry - it's illegally taking money away from hard working designers and fashion houses built from scratch.
Anythone who has watched the final few episodes of 'the City' knows the work that both Whitney Port and mentor Kelly Catrone put into Whitney's fashion line.

When you purchase a fakey, you're making all the years of hard work, all the rejection, all the late nights, completely redundant.
A lot of designers say that while getting on their feet is hard work, the reward of seeing people wearing their designs on the street make it all worth it.
Now, with an industry of fakes and imposters, designers see that reward slipping through their fingers and then the work they put in is just that - work.

Think twice next time you go out, whether a fake is really worth destroying our beloved fashion industry for, of if you can do without the label for now - if you can't, you can always do the sensible thing and save!

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