Saturday, July 3, 2010

High Drama, Low

I saw part 2 of The Hills Season five today.
I have to admit, my favourite person in the Hills group is definitely Kristin Cavallari, and I'll tell you why:

Kristin is the ultimate in independent woman without being completely incapable of being soft when the need arises.
She has a fantastic 'Three Strike' dating rule that she sticks to. She gives boys three chances and then they're out, no matter how she feels about them.

One of my more recent posts was about trying not to be a total pushover, and if there's one thing I admire most about Kristin Cavallari, it's the fact that she doesn't take bullsh*t from anybody. She's not afraid of what the other girls think of her, but she's a fiercly loyal friend to the girls who love her back.
Since her Laguna Beach days (Particularly season 2), she's been a favourite of mine for that exact reason. She stood by Jessica's side and fought for her to see sense with Jason, and she made sure no one treated her or her friends like crap.

She's not afraid of the fact that the guys love her, but she has morals. She specifically set up a lunch with Audrina because she was worried about getting into a relationship with Justin 'Bobby' so soon. Of course, classic pushover Audrina didn't go, which started the whole bitch fight with Kristin.

My opinion, for what it's worth, is that Kristin Cavallari isn't the 'bitch' of The Hills. She's the most independent, strong character there, and the only one who can function on a higher-than-pathetic level without a man by her side.


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